Whether you need a single stereo image of your product or a full 3-D promo, we can supply the equipment and the camera crew, either on location or at our studios in Oxfordshire. We have experience in a wide range of formats including IMAX 3-D, Digi-beta, 35mm stills, time lapse, hi speed and 3-D snorkel photography.

Image Quest 3-D uses a combination of their own specially designed systems and commercially available cameras to film in 3-D and are able to cover a greater range of situations than anybody else. Whether you want to film a whole rainforest or a single blood cell, we can help. With the help of Image Quest 3-D, you can have the same flexibility of filming in your 3-D production as you expect when working in 2-D and rather than having to adapt your storyboard to the equipment, IQ3D will select the equipment to meet the requirements of your storyboard.


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